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Rutgers Soccer Academy

Dr. Shawn Arent lead a discussion with campers on "mental toughness" at the 2014 Soccer 1 and Soccer 2 programs.


"We sent our twelve year old son to Rutgers Soccer Camp confident that he would receive the finest soccer training in the State, if not the Entire Country, and with the expectation that he might improve his game.  We wound up getting way more than we ever dreamed possible.  Our son returns to us having made strong bonds and deep friendships with his Peers, Rutgers Team Players and Professional Coaches/Trainers that tear out our heartstrings. He has a much deeper understanding of the word teamwork and has grown in maturity, inner strength, determination, confidence and in his love of the game.  Dan & Corey, we thank you  from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication to our child and this program.  At Rutgers our son was never a number he was always a priority for you and your staff!  We can't wait to see you again next year and for many years to come!!!"  E.B. (parent)

Some quick feedback I'd like to share with you from the winter session.  It was excellent! I especially liked the time spent on shooting the ball with both feet - this is not an exercise that [he] gets to spend much time doing and he certainly can use the practice.  The one thing that stands out for me was that you (Coach Donigan) were there and fully engaged with the boys throughout.  My expectations going into the program (as with all other parents I spoke with while there) was that as Head Coach of Rutgers, you'll make a guest appearance during the first session and leave it to your staff to run the sessions.  Your level of involvement was totally unexpected and a nice surprise - not to mention the level of experience and quality it added to the instruction provided." M.H. (parent)

"I gave it a lot of thought and I think the best thing about the camp was the involvement of the coaches. You (Coach Donigan) were right there on the field with us. That's the best. The way the competitions were set up was good too. Also, I've been to a lot of training with teams and camps and the work rate was very high at your camp." T. D. (camper)

"Thank you for providing a great experience for my son this past week at the Rutgers Soccer Academy......he came home sore, and  tired, but could not stop talking about his week with your group of coaches at the RSA during dinner last night" D.S. (parent)

"[I] wanted to let you know that my son had an amazing and over the top time at camp last week.  As did he last year. He couldn't wait for camp this year! I would say it is pretty close to his version of what heaven is like. Between his friends being there, great coaches training him,  a soccer ball at his feet all day long and a constant selection of food, life couldn't get much better. Thank you for giving him this experience!" H.P. (parent)

"[My son] enjoyed playing for the coaches because they were all great players and knew what they were talking about. 'The coaching staff took the time to explain the things we did wrong and how to improve on them.' So thank you for making the camp a learning experience for my son."N. P. (parent)

"As a parent we felt that you were very accommodating ....  It was different to hear [my son] come back from a camp and hear him say that he had a really good time.  He hasn't been able to say that about some of the camps he attended in the past." C. C.  (parent)

​"From the beginning, I thought it went very well.  The registration process was simple, communication of the information was excellent, there were no unanswered questions.  The checking in and out processes were smooth and I would definitely have my children attend this camp in the future. From what I hear from my son, the dorm experience and the food was all very good, while he loved the training sessions, coaches, players and staff.  Thank you for a successful camp and experience for my son." T. D.  (parent)

"We would like to state that our son truly enjoyed every aspect of the camp.  He truly enjoyed himself while learning and improving his soccer skills.  Overall, he came back home filled with confidence which will only improve his game.   As far as we parents are concerned, we fill that the camp was run very proficiently, from start to finish.  We would definitely would recommend this camp"
​M.E. (parent)